Prehod ActionScript 2.0 / ActionScript 3.0

V novejših verzijah Flash-a se velikokrat srečamo z ActionScriptom 3.0. Če ste še vedno navajeni uporabljati ActionScript 2.0 vam bo naslednja publikacija “ActionScript 3 migration cookbook” morda prišla prav.

Publikacija vam bo predstavila, kako do običajnih opravil pridemo bodisi preko ActionScripta 2.0 ali ActionScripta 3.0. Tak način dela vam bo predstavil bistvene razlike med njima.


The ActionScript 3 migration cookbook beta provides a quick introduction to migrating to ActionScript 3 from ActionScript 2. It is targeted at designers and developers who have some experience scripting content within Adobe Flash CS4 Professional. It does not require an understanding of object-oriented programming.

ActionScript 3 is the most current version of the language used for scripting and programming interactive content for the Adobe Flash Platform. The semantics of the core language are not much different from ActionScript 2 and should not present much of a learning curve. However, the Flash Player APIs have undergone some significant changes, which means that some common tasks are done differently in ActionScript 3. The entries in the ActionScript 3 migration cookbook beta focus on some of the new APIs which are used often, but are different enough from their ActionScript 2 counterparts to potentially cause confusion.

ActionScript 3 migration cookbook