Responsive Web Design – Odziven spletni design

“Responsive Web Design” je nova knjiga, ki so jo izdali pri A Book Apart-u in govori o prilagodljivem oziroma odzivnem spletnem designu. “Responsive Web Design” oz. odziven spletni design pomeni, da se spletno mesto prilagajamo uporabnikovemu mediju, se pravi mobilnim napravam, tabličnim računalnikom, netbookom ali namiznim računalnikom oziroma njihovim brskalnikom.

“Responsive Web Design” nas popelje skozi teorijo in podrobne primere z vajami o odzivnem spletnem designu. Tako boste pridobili vse potrebno znanje, da se “Responsive Web Design-a” lotite sami.

From mobile browsers to netbooks and tablets, users are visiting your sites from an increasing array of devices and browsers. Are your designs ready? Learn how to think beyond the desktop and craft beautiful designs that anticipate and respond to your users’ needs. Ethan Marcotte will explore CSS techniques and design principles, including fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries, demonstrating how you can deliver a quality experience to your users no matter how large (or small) their display.

Cene knjige je pri A Book Apart že kar standardna in znaša za tiskano verzijo 18.00$ + poštnina, 9.00$ za elektronsko verzijo in 23.00$ + poštnina za komplet. Elektronska verzija vsebuje PDF, ePub, in mobi formate.

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